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  Policies and Warranty

Service Rates

CCS Service bills in half-hour increments, and rounds up to the next billable 1/2 hour. Warranty work is performed at no cost to the customer. Please contact us for current service rates.

Coverage Areas

CCS is located in Aurora, NE and covers a service area of a 20 mile radius. All services rendered outside of our service zone will incur an additional service charge.

Business Hours

Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM, excluding all major holidays. Service calls will be billed at time and a half of our standard rate outside of normal business hours.

Payment Options

All service and products are COD unless otherwise arranged and documented with management. Payment must be made at the time of service, if in violation of payment agreement a 20% interest fee will be applied 5 business days after the service is completed, unless both CCS and the customer agree upon payment terms that those terms will not exceed a 15-day lapse in payment from the date that services are completed or a 25% interest fee will be applied at the end of the 15-day period . Payment methods are as follows: Cash, company check*, Money order, Cashiers check or PayPal. *There will be a $50.00 service charge incurred by the customer for any returned checks.

Backup Policy

CCS understands that your data is important to you. For that reason, we will inform you to the best of our knowledge if your data is at risk from the state your computer, we will then recommend the steps necessary to protect that data. However, it is your responsibility to consider that your data needs to be protected. You should therefore make frequent backups, and should ensure that those backups are valid. CCS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS OF DATA ON YOUR COMPUTER.

Third Party Billing

Service calls to multiple customers within a specific company will be billed and cases entered as follows: CCS will ALWAYS verify with the Primary Point of Contact (POC) within the company as to who will be billed for the service call. **NOTE** CCS is not responsible for determining who the responsible party is for billing.

Supplied Hardware

CCS strives to offer the highest quality hardware to our customers. We have a select list of vendors and manufacturers that we utilize as our hardware resources. CCS will not endorse, sell, or warranty any hardware or manufacturers that have not been thoroughly researched and tested to meet our level of quality. Support for preexisting hardware will be performed under the standard CCS warranty. No hardware will be ordered or installed until the item is paid for in full.

CCS fully supports the following software and considers each of these to be part of a "Standard Installation" and is covered under CCS Warranty (See Warranty section of this policies manual).

Operating Systems
Microsoft® Windows® 98 SE, Windows® ME, Windows® 2000 Pro & Server, Windows® XP Home & Pro, Windows® XP Media Center Ed. 2005, Windows® Vista & 7 Home Basic, Premium, Ultimate, Business and Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 & 2008.

Office Suites:

Microsoft Office® (2000, XP, 2003, 2007 & 2010) Standard, Small Business, Professional, and Developer. Office XP® Standard, Small Business, Professional, Office 2003® Standard, Small Business, Professional, Microsoft Office® 2007 Home and Student, Standard, Ultimate & Professional, Microsoft Office® 2010 Home and Student, Standard, Ultimate & Professional.


Norton Anti-virus® (Current version only), Symantec Anti-virus Small Business & Corporate® (current version only).


QuickBooks® Standard and Professional (current version only)

Contact Management:

ACT® (current version only). Email Management: Outlook®, Outlook Express®.

Remote Access:

Teamviewer® and MSN Messenger®* (XP Only).


Windows provided backup utility, and Backup Exec® (current version only)

CD & DVD-Burning:

Roxio, Nero, Sonic, Creative, NTI and HP.

Web Browsers:

Internet Explorer (current version only).

All other software is considered non-standard by CCS, and is not supported under CCS warranties. Furthermore, all software that is provided to CCS is subject to inspection and research to determine reliability.

Web Design:
CCS uses a 3 step process during the design of our products. This information will be provided to you during the initial consultation or web design inquiry. All websites, domain names & content used in the design/operation of your website product remains the property of CCS unless otherwise specified in writing from CCS. All hosting, domain name renewals and costs incurred by the client are considered as web or space rental fees. If you wish to obtain ownership of any above items you must contact CCS to acquire the rights, at this time all outstanding fees must be paid in full.

Licensing Copyright
(©) law applies to all Software that is provided by CCS to our customers. CCS fully supports and adheres to the best of our ability to those laws. All software provided by CCS is registered to that Customer, and is also workstation, PC, or server specific. Meaning that software should not be shared from device to device without manufacturer approval in writing, in the form of corporate licensing. CCS will not knowingly install software, or perform services on systems that have illegally shared copyrighted software. Furthermore, all software should be maintained on-site in a central location with access limited to system administrators only. Software that is intended for business should not be taken to homes for private use. CCS is not responsible for software that is not protected in the preceding methods, CCS covered warranty or not.

Adult Content
Due to the unstable nature of Adult content browsers, and user apps CCS will not service Workstations, or Personal Computers that have these programs/ applications installed. All warranties previously provided by CCS will be void if any adult content is found. Employers will also be notified of Workstations containing adult content.

CCS will provide care, maintenance, and services for Customers Network, Workstation and overall computer systems, by request of the customer only. No other third party technicians, or Customer employees, should be allowed access to any aspect of system configuration, as this could void any or all CCS warranties. CCS warranties work in concert with manufacturers warranties, our service warranties are not intended to supplement, or replace regular manufactures warranties.

CCS offers a 7-day warranty on all services associated with preexisting hardware and software support. The customer is required to notify CCS within 7 days to obtain service under this warranty. CCS will notify the customer upon completion of service whether new components or software will be needed to maintain stability and reliability. Any problems that may occur or reoccur after CCS has completed service would be evident within these 7 days. If problems arise again after that there will more than likely be other contributing factors involved (I.E. Operator error, hardware/ software incompatibilities…).

**Items that are left in possesion of CCS for more then thirty (30) days after contact and no reply of customer or completion of item will be considered abandoned and will become the property of CCS**

CCS will fully cover, under one year warranty all CCS originated system components, (wiring, workstations, servers, hardware). Warranty work will be provided at no cost to the Customer. CCS will NOT cover pre-existing components (wiring, workstations, servers, hardware) at Customer locations under CCS warranty or contracts. Any data recovery, and system repair costs of third party IT installed components will be incurred by Customer. CCS does not cover under warranty or contract any damage done to Customer systems by owners, partner, employees, third party technicians or any other non CCS authorized representative.

CCS covers installation of CCS originated software for 7 days. This warranty does not include damage to the media or lost documentation. The warranty covers only the software CCS endorses and supports.


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