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Purchasing A Pre-built Store Bought Computer

Advantages: This is the cheaper option of the two. If you just want a computer for home, dabble on the internet, check your email, and have your kids write the occasional paper for school then this option will be fine for you.

Disadvantages: If you ever want to upgrade your computer it might not be possible to just add or replace certain components. It depends on the brand. Also, pre-made computers come with a bunch of DEMO programs and junk software that you will probably NEVER use, and unless you take it someone and pay them to remove the software, you will most likely never get the pre-installed software completely off of your PC. Another disadvantage is that you cannot be sure about the integrity of the parts used. Some OEM's will buy defective lots at a substantial discount and integrate them into the computer. As long as the computer passes the OEM's benchmark and quality test the machines will ship to the end users with the defective part.

Purchasing A Custom Built Computer

Advantages: If you aren’t sure which components you want in your PC you can tell your custom computer builder exactly what you want to use it for, whether it is gaming, surfing the internet, editing videos, compiling and listening to music, putting together presentations or using it for work. If you already know how to build your own, you can choose whichever components you want.
The main advantage of buying a custom built computer is that you get exactly what you pay for. Custom built computers allow you to specify anything from the brand name of the motherboard to the type and size of the case. Every part in it is standard so that repairing and upgrading it is easier and cheaper. You will have the option of building one that fits your budget and if you elect an inexpensive motherboard it's your decision.
Also, if you ever want to upgrade it in the future it will be easier to replace components because they were installed independently and most of the time upgrading is much more cost effective (Parts are cheaper).

Disadvantages: Because a custom built computer doesn’t come pre-made from the manufacturer there is sometimes an issue with warranties. Each component will have its own separate warranty, so you would have to deal with a different company for support on each part of your custom built computer.
However, CCS has solved the issue of dealing with warranties and going through multiple companies. Creative Computing Solutions gives a 3 Year Warranty on most hardware at no extra cost for our custom built computers!

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