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Bad memory/in sufficient memory
Insufficient memory is when programs demand a lot more memory than your PC has installed. Ram(random access memory) helps the CPU(processor) by managing common operations. If your PC lacks ram your system could crash or slowdown.

Bad memory is when your ram chip(random access memory) has stopped working and needs to be replaced


Adware are pop ups messages or text that are random advertisements that hinders with your PC performance. Adware is annoying but easily removed.

Slowdowns are when your PC's Processing Power has slowed down. some symptoms are longer than normal load times, stuttering moments of the mouse may indicate maintenance is required.

PC noises
Noises coming from your PC may indicate failing fans, mechanical failure and loose parts. In most cases it is a simple fix.

Failing Power Supply
If your PC has suddenly shut down and won't turned on again or has trouble turning on. This is an indicator that your PC is not getting enough power or not getting any power at all

PC's running parts create heat during operations. If the PC is lacking airflow, your PC parts will run hot and could burn themselves out

Hard drive failure
Bad sectors are the most common failure of a hard drive. Bad sectors are when sectors on your hard drive become corrupt. This could cause problems with data loss and setting loss on the PC.

Rootkits are unwanted codes that gain control of your pc by hiding deep in your system. The piggyback along on software that you thought you trusted.

Spyware processes logs of banking records, passwords and private information. This information is exported and in most cases used for identit theft.

Viruses are programmed to attack your PC and intentionally disables some areas of your PC. In some cases your PC can be used as a carrier to help spread the virus.
An infected computer is a danger to itself and others. No computer is truly immune to viruses

Hardware Issues
Mehcanical or physical failure of a deivce or component of a PC. (Ex hard drive, fans, USB port...)

Lock Ups
PC's tend to lock up due to programs that stop responding, operating systems may be encoutering errors or hardware may be failing.

PC Freeze Ups
This happens when your PC momentarily stops responding. It is hard to determine the cause. Diagnostic needs to be ran.

Blue Screen
The blue screen is usualy caused by faulty hardware or poorly written drivers, The screen turns blue to protect itself from further damage.

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